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够了没啊!! !








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Definition of HAPPY?

May 1, 2010 at 11:38 am (life)

Can someone define me the word HAPPY?

What actually is this thing? I don’t know.

For me,

I believe its something temporary

I believe its something that is not true

I believe its something that

can make someone fall from the top of the sky, onto the ground,

when it is GONE.

It may be with someone now, but the next minute, it may leave.

Happiness seems to be something that can never be trusted.

I used to open my door for it to come into my life,

but now,

I choose not to.

I choose to keep it away from me.

So that i won’t have to feel the pain of falling onto the ground

while i’m at the top of the sky.

Because. It Hurts.

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i love u

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April 17, 2010 at 6:45 pm (entertainment)

它来去没 预兆
总无法 预料

连 呼吸 都难熬
难道 是我发高烧

everyime i look into your eyes
那 心跳 的律动总
对不上 节拍

everyime you look into my eyes

大多 心里话
怎么 说不出来
爱你成 依赖

写着给你的 歌
每一篇 快乐

竟是 模糊 音色
难道 是我发高烧

不 明白 这是

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1 Thing

November 26, 2009 at 3:15 am (life) (, , , )

There’s one thing,

the one and only thing that makes a distance between us.


This one thing,

the one and only thing that makes me hate you, sometimes.


It makes me feel like its controlling us. Everything between us.

It makes me feel like we need it so badly. Without it, there wouldn’t be us.

It makes me feel like I’m useless whenever I don’t have em. That’s when I couldn’t see smiles on your face.

It makes me feel like your love for me has faded away. That’s when you always let your anger on me.


I start to wonder

Is this thing, the only reason between us?

Is this thing, the only thing you care about?

Is this thing, worth the anger you had on me?

Is this thing, the only thing that can make a relationship works? The only thing that can make so called “True Love” exist among every couples?


Is MONEY all that you want and expecting from this relationship?

We’ve last this long because I have em, how if one day I really lost em all? Everything ends?

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MASKED LIFE . seeking happiness away from HOME

August 2, 2009 at 12:53 pm (life)

everyone around me knows about my background…

where i came from, what kind of family i’m from, what kind of tough life i’ve been thru..

when i tell them about it, they’ll be like “wow..its not easy for a young girl like you”

it is really not easy…

i look like i’m already over it, but actually i’m not…

i look like i’m strong, but i’m actuallu weak inside…

i look like i’m happy all the time, but who knows when i shed my tears alone…

when i have the word “sadness” written on my face,

my friends will go like “where is the cheerful SASA that always have smileys on her face that i know?”

and then i’ll start smilling again..WHY?!??!

because i don’t want people to look down on me…

i’m afraid that no one will ever talk to me if i shows my sadness out onto my face

i’m afraid that people may asking me “whats wrong?”

i’m afraid of people may speak discourage words

SMILEYS cover me from everything i’m afraid of..

but the problem is…its not the real ME

in fact, i prefer being MASKED rather than revealing myself

because i wanted happiness so badly

a HOME is where everyone love to be, but not for me…

because my “home” is where i shed the most of my tears in..

alone…where no one knows what is inside of me

a HOME is a place that reminds me of my SELF. my PAST. my HATRED . my TEARS

i’m sorry dad, u’r the reason why i hate to come home actually…

i maybe growing up, but i’m not five anymore

i maybe short and small, but i’m not stupid anymore

i am from another woman, but i’m am still ur daughter who needs love n care from her parent!

i’ve never hear a word of encouragement from u

i’ve never get supported with my own decision

i’ve never hear a word of care and love from u

i’ve always hear something from u that is “u have u give back whatever i’ve given u”

damn!! i din say i’m not thankful and i wont give back!

i’ve been staying far from home and i’m happy with it

i can be MASKED and seek for my happiness

i love being far from home, i love hiding away my sadness

i love showing smileys to make myself forget about every single problems

i love being fake!!! sigh….

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June 9, 2009 at 1:02 am (AGEL) (, , , , , , , , , , , )



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It was the beginning of summer, 2006. They began holding PBRs in the café. There was a terrible heat wave in Moscow at the time and people were crowding the cafés. “We made meetings…first at one table, then two, then three. By the end of June, we had over 80 people.” That’s when Triple Diamond Director Randy Gage made a trip to Moscow to investigate the sudden growth. Meeting with Randy had a dramatic impact on Vera and her team. “Randy Gage is the real sponsor for the growth of the business in Russia!” Vera exclaims!

In September of 2006, she made an excursion to five different cities in Siberia. “We simply worked a lot!” And that hard work paid off. “Today I have a bigger organization in Siberia and the Far East. I also have a super team here in [her hometown] St. Petersburg.”

Vera’s WHY is her family. “I have two grown daughters. The youngest, Vlada, is a 19-year-old Agel Regional Director and is already making $5,000-6,000 a month! My older daughter, Yulia, is raising a small son, my grandson. And her husband, Sergey, is also a Director in Agel.” Vera’s husband is an artist and a composer who supports her in her work. “I dream of buying a big estate on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, surrounded by a forest of pine trees…. My family and I love to travel and enjoy life and this is simple to do with Agel.”

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Protected: Sasa’s new toy!!!

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